While I Was Praying - Finding Insights about God in Old Testament Prayers

From Abraham's prayer of protest to Habakkuk's struggle to understand terrorism to Jesus' tradition-bound words of the Lord's Prayer, readers of While I Was Praying: Finding Insights about God in Old Testament Prayers will uncover new insights into how the ancient Hebrews understood their God. In their prayers to God, the ancient Israelites expressed what they believed to be the nature, characteristics, and attributes of God.  Often, it was through prayer that they received profound insight into the nature of God.

As a part of this study, each chapter not only explores an Old Testament prayer in its historical and scriptural context but also includes "Connections" to the experiences and needs of today's readers.   Written for use in both personal reflection and small group study, each chapter also provides discussion questions to provoke deeper reflection into the nature and continued potency of Old Testament prayers.

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