Thousands of Christians throughout the centuries have found John's Gospel an inexhaustible source of life-changing nourishment from the Spirit. The spiritual power of John's presentation brings us face-to-face with God's unique Son who brings true life and light to all who will believe. Dr. Borchert has provided us with a masterful examination of this Gospel. His work is informed by the latest biblical scholarship and based upon a firm commitment to the truthfulness of God's Word. This series assumes the inerrancy of Scripture, focuses on the intrinsic theological and exegetical concerns of each biblical book, and engages the range of issues raised in contemporary biblical scholarship. Gerald Borchert, PhD. is Director of Doctoral Studies and Professor of New Testament at Northern Baptist Theological Seminary and retired Lucille Coleman Professor of New Testament at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has written numerous books including: PAUL AND HIS INTERPRETERS and ASSURANCE AND WARNING: THE BALANCE BETWEEN I CORINTHIANS, JOHN AND HEBREWS. He has also served as a pastor of a number of churches. Among his academic societies he is a member of the STUDIORUM NOVI TESTAMENTI SOCIETAS.

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