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"Polhill traces the advancements of the Christian mission from its beginnings in Jerusalem to the Gentile dominated church in Rome. Along the way the reader sees afresh the movement of the Holy Spirit in Peter, Stephen, Philip and Paul. Polhill wrestles with the history of interpretation of the Book of Acts while providing solid exegetical support for his own positions. This through and readable commentary examines the theological foundations of the early church's preaching and offers practical help for teachers and preachers alike in the contemporary Christian community. His magisterial commentary on Acts is a rare combination of technical scholarship and theological reflection. That Polhill has clearly mastered the voluminous secondary literature on Acts is evident from the footnotes, though his dialogue with past scholarship does not obscure his own sustained theological exegesis. His methods are current, his treatment of other views is fair and his theological reflections are penetrating. This commentary takes its place on my shelf along side the other luminaries of Acts scholarship and will prove to be for American evangelical scholarship what Bruce's Acts of the Apostles has been for British evangelicalism." - Mikeal Parsons, Baylor University John Polhill is Professor of New Testament Interpretation at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary where he earned his PhD.

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