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"The Emergent Church Its very name implies innovative understandings of Orthodox Christianity. But what exactly does it stand for? What exactly does it teach? Many have attempted to understand the movement, but have met with frustration when they encounter undefined language and contradictory beliefs that are inconsistent - within the text and between authors. Indeed, the Emergent Church and its leaders intentionally avoid definitions or defined statements of faith that can be understood and discerned and instead they welcome definitions that are felt or experienced. It is no wonder that frustration results. This book is subtitled - Undefining Christianity. In it you will learn how the Emergent Church and its leaders undefine basic Christian doctrines and concepts. These include such basic Christian doctrines as the Bible and preaching, missions, the means of grace, theology and the kingdom of God. It becomes obvious that "Emergent" is not new at all; it is age - old heresy repackaged in postmodern subjectivity. "

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