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That You May Know closely examines the theme of eternal salvation in 1 John. No other New Testament book speaks as frequently and explicitly to the believer’s confidence in everlasting life. The epistle writer grounds his reader’s assurance of salvation on the person and work of Jesus Christ and demonstrates that the believer’s lifestyle serves as a vital corroborating support for that assurance. This gives the commentary’s author Christopher Bass an opening to further discuss John’s emphasis on living righteously and what it truly means to be born of God.

We are indebted to Chris Bass for his fresh examination of this vital Christian doctrine. Drawing on the theological riches of I John. That You May Know brings John's overarching purpose to modern ears - Christians can know they are eternally secure in Christ. In the end, the gift of assurance and the doctrine of perseverance take us back to the very essence of the gospel- we are saved by grace through faith. - Albert Mohler

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