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In this classic treatise on communion, Howell sets forth his thesis with the boldness characteristic of martyred Anabaptists of whose doctrine he was espousing. His Scriptural position, clearly expressed, is that the terms of communion are repentance, faith and baptism. Immediately, this demonstrates that Pedobaptists have deviated from the truth and are not qualified subjects for the Lord's Table. According to Howell, the Pedobaptists have severed themselves form the truth, and therefore they are schismatics because of their false doctrine. Howell charges that Baptists must separate from Pedobaptists over the doctrines of believer's baptism and close communion. The Terms of Communion at the Lord's Table is a refreshing and powerful apologetic for Baptist truth in a day of insipid and anemic Baptist teaching. Every Baptist who values the Lord's teaching for His Table needs this volume by Howell.

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