"Fully conversant with contemporary literature on Romans and with the thought of the apostle. Dr. Mounce has given us his mature reflection on Paul's theological masterwork. It is a commentary that will both teach and edify even when, here or there, the reader may opt for a different interpretation. I intend to use it and gladly commend it to others." -- E. Earle Ellis Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Fort Worth, Texas

"John Calvin said in the introduction to his commentary on the Epistle to the Romans that the best thing an interpreter can do is to make the meaning of the text clear and to do it with as few words as possible. He called it 'lucid brevity.' Dr. Mounce has achieved this in his commentary. The reader is brought quickly to the meaning of the text in language that is easy, even delightful to read. Evidence of the scholarship that brought the author to the meaning may be found in the footnotes. These features along with Dr. Mounce's sensitivity to the spiritual implications of the text make this commentary especially valuable for the busy pastor and layperson." --Walter W. Wessel Bethel Seminary St. Paul, Minnesota

"This is a remarkable work on Romans from one of our generation's most able expositors. Robert Mounce has captured the breadth, depth, and height of this majestic epistle with perceptive insight, thorough scholarship, and evangelical vitality. No one who cares about Paul's masterful and passionate declaration of the Christian faith will dare neglect this concise and elegant interpretation of it."

--David Hubbard President Emeritus Faith Theological Seminary

Robert H. Mounce (Ph.D. Aberdeen) is president emeritus of Whitworth College, Spokane, Washington. He was formerly academic dean at Western Kentucky University and professor of New Testament there and at Bethel College, St. Paul, Minnesota. He has authored commentaries on Revelation and Matthew as well as numerous other books and articles in the field of New Testament studies.

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