This work exhibits Broadus' devotion to the Jesus of Scripture and makes a compelling case for the credibility of the biblical text and the preeminence of a call to faith in the Savior. By personal experience in the lives of dear friends, Broadus knew the destructive tendency, and yet the deceitful academic charm, of modern critical theories concerning the historicity of Jesus and the art of Gospel writing. He stays the course and is a model of scholarship and devotion for evangelical Christianity today. - Tom Nettles

After another search for the historical Jesus in the twentieth century, it is refreshing to listen to these words by a gifted nineteenth-century Evangelical scholar who wrote in the midst of the first so-called search for the historical Jesus. As Broadus rightly notes, the person and character of Christ is integral to his mission. The two cannot be separated. This classic study of the person of our Lord rightly deserves a new audience. - Dr. Michael Haykin 

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