Gadsby's Hymns is an esteemed collection of 1156 hymns of rich theological content, many of which are not found in any other current hymnal. This hymnal contains Gadsby's original hymns, first and second supplements, Hart's hymns and occasional hymns. A wealth of meditation for one's own devotions. William Gadsby (1773-1844) was a hymnwriter and Baptist pastor. For 38 years Gadsby was pastor of the Strict Baptist Church at Manchester and a well-known minister in his day. He traveled over 60,000 miles, many of them on foot and preached nearly 12,000 sermons. He was influential in establishing 40 new places of worship. He compiled a selection of hymns including many of his own composition and the whole collection of hymns by Joseph Hart, and published them in a hymnbook, A Selection of Hymns for Public Worship (or Gadsby's Hymns), which is still used by congregations today. His best known hymn being 'Immortal Honours." Each hymn is has an accompanying text of scripture and a metrical designation that enables the accompanist to select an appropriate tune. Hymns can be printed out and inserted in a bulletin for congregational singing. It is also an ideal hymnal for personal meditation and devotional use.

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