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Father Mercer tells the story of the life and labors of Jesse Mercer, a leader in Georgia Baptist life during the first half of the nineteenth century. His influence was felt in many areas as he was pastor of several churches, author of numerous writings editor of a newspaper and hymnal, philanthropist, and denominational statesman. Mercer's lifespan and his ministerial responsibilities uniquely positioned him to play a key role in the development of Baptist thought. Before Mercer's birth, Baptists in Georgia were not able to worship freely, were not organized for missions and had few opportunities for ministererial education. Through out his adult life, Mercer helped Georgia Baptists utilize their new found freedom to spread the gospel and equip pastors through the formation of the Georgia Baptist Convention and Mercer University. Readers may be particularly interested to discover the difficulties faced by Mercer as he attempted to persuade fellow Baptists to join in collaborative efforts for missionary and educational enterprises. The trajectory that began in Mercer's day continues even now as Baptists lead the way in Protestant missionary efforts and Mercer University is one of the largest Baptist educational institutions in the world. Rather than telling the life of a larger-than-life pastor with whom few "ordinary" pastors can identify, Father Mercer reveals how one who is faithful in small things can, over time, bear much fruit for the Lord.