Evangelicals have been desperately trying to impress the world for decades, becoming thoroughly worldly in the process. It's hard to think of any significant fad that evangelicals haven't latched onto, infused with some quasi-spiritual significance and silk-screened onto a t-shirt. Trendiness seems to be the evangelical movenent's defining characteristic. Holiness has practically fallen out of the evangelical vocabulary. Meanwhile, scepticism has become the dominant feture of worldly thought. Voices from the secular academy, philosophy, the arts and popular opinion keep reminding us that we live in postmodern times, and certainty is out of fashion. It's not stylish to care about truth any more. This is perhaps the worst possible time for the church to embrace the spirit of the age. Gary Gilley and Jay Wegter make that point powerfully in This Little Church Had None. The book is a skilful analysis and critique of the contemporary evangelical movement and a powerful plea for Christians to recover their love for the truth. It is a desperately needed message for these uncertain times, written with clarity, spiritual wisdom, biblical percision and a passion that reflects the authors' own deep love for the truth. - John MacArthur

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