Since its publication in 1980, Baptists and the Bible has become one of the most complete and oft quoted sources for reliable, incisive, and detailed information on the history of Baptist attitudes towards the doctrine of the inerrancy and infallibility of the Bible. Now this newly expanded edition makes it even more useful in understanding what baptists believe about the scriptures - and why. Baptists and the Bible explores the origins of the modern Baptist faith, traciing its beliefs from 17th Century England to the controversies of today. Through their studies of 18th and 19th century scholars, Bush and Nettles uncover how today's Baptists arrived at their current doctrinal positions. They also investigate the sources of uncertainties in scriptural interpretation and relate their new findings to present day issues in Baptist Life. Meticulously researched, this revealing study brings the Baptist legacy to life, providing today's Baptists with a look at their past, and a resource for the future life.

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