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To some the appellation Reformed Baptist is a contradiction in terms. To others it remains a valid name for Baptists who have espoused the essentials of Calvinistic theology, with the exception, of course, of its doctrines of paedo-baptism and the church. Various modifiers have been selected by Baptists who cling to the gospel of sovereign grace and the "Baptist Distinctives": Particular, Regular, Conservative, Orthodox, Calvinistic, Independent, and others. Are Baptists Reformed? Clarifies a number of important issues, especially those concerned with the Word of God and its application, and with the nature and manifestation of the church. With thoroughness and insightful historical perspective, Dr. Good probes the dilemma faced by many orthodox Baptists and concludes that Baptists do indeed differ from Reformed Christians in their view of Scripture and the church considered as organism and organization. Thorough discussion of these topics brings to light significant differences in bibliology and ecclesiology. Although the historical perspective is present throughout, it comes to clearest focus in the final chapter. Of necessity the history of Baptists is in capsule form, but the survey clearly indicates the distinctive philosophy of church history that is the heritage of Baptists. For a limited time only, we are offering this book at only $5.00! This is 50% off our regular low price of $10.00.

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