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The purpose of this book is to promote that which will tend to "keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace" (Eph. 4:3). In a realization that there can be no true spiritual unity apart from "faith" (v. 5), this book seeks to arrive at the understanding of crucial doctrine which has been the basis of fellowship and cooperation among orthodox Baptists in history.

If upon first examination, the book appears to be somewhat divisive, the reader should bear in mind that there can be no genuine unity without an agreed doctrinal foundation and that all attempts to circumvent theological controversy in the interest of "peace at any price" have led the church into a labyrinth of perplexities and calamities in days gone by. The ultimate criterion of judgement or action for a Christian must be truth, not merely peace, however altruistic and sincere the motives of the "doves" may be. There simply cannot be any lasting theological or ecclesiastical peace among those who radically disagree in crucial area of doctrines.

The establishment of a Regular Baptist Statement of Faith without ambiguity or possibility of double interpretation, which adheres to the language and intent of our predecessors, must provide many benefits. In addition to formalizing an exact statement and definition of the articles of doctrine in contemporary language, it will hopefully be conducive to a deeper spirituality, a greater understanding of God's grace in the gospel, a genuine revival, and an enlarged outreach in Biblical evangelism to the uttermost part of the earth.

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