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Backus Books takes its name from a man who was very important to us - Isaac Backus. Born in Connecticut on January 9, 1724, he was to experience two major events in American history. The first of these was the Great Awakening, during which he was converted in 1741. The second was the American Revolution and the gaining of independence from England. It was his ministry before, during and after the Revolution that contributed many of the principles which led to the liberties we enjoy today. Backus believed and propagated the historic Christian faith, but he did not divorce his doctrine from a deep and abiding piety. With the exception of the sermons and writings of men like Spurgeon, Bunyan and Gill our Baptist forefathers have virtually been ignored. We believe these men have much to say that is of value to us as we strive to restore the contemporary Church to her New Testament purity.It is our goal to allow those who are dead (along with selected contemporary Baptists) to speak to the Church. Two principles are important to us. First, the authors we select will be Baptists. By this we mean they will be men who understood and were committed to the historic Baptist distinctives. Secondly, the materials we publish will be faithful to the system of theology identified as the Doctrines of Grace and so will reflect a dedication to the biblical system of salvation. By following these two principles, we believe we can present to the Church consistently biblical literature. It is our hope that by making available material by Baptists committed to the Doctrines of Grace, our unity with historic Christianity will be maintained. We also hope this effort will help the Church to become familiar with men to whom she owes a great debt, yet who have largely lain forgotten on the dusty shelves of various historical archives. Please feel free to browse our website. It will be our pleasure to supply you, your church booktable, bookstore or library with consistently biblical material.

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